1. General Deposits

- Damage/Loss Deposit is used to compensate for loss or damage to school property, and is forfeited for failure to give one term’s notice of withdrawal. This deposit will be refunded when the student leaves the school if no damages occur.

- Place Guarantee Deposit is to secure a place at Charter International School and is deductible from the enrolment fee.  This deposit cannot be refunded if the student’s place is cancelled by the parents for any reason.   

2.  School Supplies

- School uniform cost varies according to size and year levels.  A list of compulsory uniform items and prices is available at the School Shop.

- Textbooks cost varies according to year levels and they are available at the School Shop.

3. After-school activities, field trips, and examinations (at the end of Key Stage) are charged to parents. A school bus service is available on request.  The cost of this depends upon distance from the school.

4. The School reserves the right to change the rate of school fees; however, parents will be informed of any changes in writing.  The fees for the following academic year will be announced to parents in term 3.

5. Late Entry: For students entering the school late in a term, fees will be pro-rata based upon the number of days remaining in the term (including the day of entry)

6. Tuition Refunds: Tuition refunds will be granted in accordance to the following schedule:

    1) Students who join the school within 3 weeks of the start of the term the school fee is charged for the whole of the term.

    2) Students who join the school after 3 weeks of the start of term the school fee for the term will be pro-rated for the number of weeks    


    3) Students who will leave the school within the first 3 weeks of the start of term. The pro-rated portion of the school fee will be refunded.

    4) Students who will leave the school after 3 weeks of the start of term. No refund of school fees will be made.

7. Method of Payment: Fees are payable in Thai Baht.  Tuition, enrolment and lunch fees are payable by cashier cheque, credit card or wire transfer.  Application fee, uniform, books, bus service and other school supplies are payable by cash, cashier cheque, or credit card (1.5% bank charge).

8. Sibling Discount: Discounts on tuition fees will be applied for siblings who are in the school at the same time, as follows:         

Second Child 10% discount on tuition fee

Third or subsequent child 15% discount on tuition fee

9. Payment Schedule:

- Tuition and fees are due and payable before the beginning of each term.  Tuition fees for the first term are due and payable within June.  Tuition fees for the second term are due and payable within November.  Tuition fees of the third term are due and payable within February.  

- Invoice of each term will be issued one month before the due date.

- Payment of the full year's tuition at the start of the school year is granted a 5 % discount.

- Each student shall receive a full written academic report twice a year.  Each report requested by a student thereafter will have a fee of THB 200 payable prior to the report being sent.

- Penalty at 1.5% per month (calculated per calendar day) will be charged for all late payments.